Replacement Adhesive Fabric Strip for Comfy Articulated FaceShield

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Replacement Soft Poly-Cotton Fabric Facing Strip with adhesive for Comfy Articulated FaceShield has a soft and absorbent poly-cotton facing fabric next to the skin for all-day comfort. Although the fabric covering strips can be cleaned in place, you may wish to replace it if the strip becomes detached or has an odour from repeated use.

Size: 29cm x 3cm - for the small size Face Shield, there will be excess fabric that needs to be cut off.

Application: Carefully remove the original fabric strip and the adhesive. Clean the area of any residue and make sure that no soapy residue remains and the surface is fully dried. Carefully remove the plastic backing adhesive from the replacement strip and start from one corner and gently stick it at first. Once stuck down, use firm pressure to compress the fabric strip onto the foam for a more permanent adhesion.

Hygiene Care

For re-use, you can disinfect after use with either soapy water or a 70-85% Ethanol or Iso Propyl Alcohol solution. Keep wet for at least 20 seconds before rinsing and drying. Store dry in its bag when not in use.

Note: Cleaning will eventually break down the fabric adhesive and reduce its lifespan.