Replacement Foam Headband for Comfy FaceShield

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Replacement Foam Headband for Comfy FaceShield has a soft foam together with a soft and absorbent poly-cotton facing fabric next to the skin for all-day comfort with no bruising. The foam padding is made from closed cell foam so it doesn't absorb moisture like the standard open-cell foam that's on the disposable masks so it will dry much quicker.

Australian PPE supplies are extremely low so we're helping to produce Personal Protective Equipment for those superheroes working on the front lines in hospitals.
We figure there are other concerned workers in jobs such as in supermarkets as well as those who are vulnerable, so we are making these available to all Australians. Due to new export rules for 'Essential Medical Supplies', these are only available within Australia.


Available in 2 sizes: Regular: Above 56cm circumference 

                                    Small: Up to 56cm circumference

Hygiene Care

For re-use, you can disinfect after use with either soapy water or a 70-85% Ethanol or Iso Propyl Alcohol solution. The foam headband can be removed for more thorough cleaning. Keep wet for at least 20 seconds before rinsing and drying. Store dry in its bag when not in use.

Note: Cleaning will eventually break down the fabric adhesive and reduce its lifespan.